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'When I use potion Tattoo Aftercare my tats get brighter and they heal way faster'
 - Colton McLean, Vernon BC

“So awesome, greatest tattoo aftercare product that I have ever used”. I only needed to put it on a couple times a day, healed up in days
“Just try it, you will love this stuff”!
- Janet Joseph- Potion tattoo aftercare lover !
Hello Janice.  I appreciate your swift response.  I've only had your product one day, but can already tell I love it.  Your stick applicator is genius for applying the product, and my new tattoo is soaking it up happily.  I'll definitely order more in the future, and will tell my friends about you as well. - Ken


 “We loved the organic feel to your product. The great thing is that it stayed on the skin for long-lasting moisturizing. We healed without a hitch and give this product two thumbs up.”
-  D. Kraft and A. Ross, Montreal, Quebec
15 tattoo each over 6,000 km & back tattoo adventure !


By far the greatest tattoo aftercare product that I have ever used. Applied once a day, no burning, no itchy dry skin and heal in less than one week!!! Got love this stuff.
- April Cross Publisher of Xalt Magazine
I love the way Potion brightens the colour in my over 10 year old tattoo. Sorry, Tattoo artists: I won’t need to pay you to touch it up anytime soon! I love the natural scent & ingredients, they don’t bother my very sensitive skin at all. I also use it as Lip Balm, and as protection for my tatty from UV when I tan indoors.”
“When I first tried Potion Tattoo Aftercare, I was amazed and instantly hooked! It breathes new life into my tattoos making them look fresher, brighter and much more vibrant!”
I wouldn't use anything else on my tattoos”!
- Lady Fawndle # 2- Raggedy Rollers OSRDA


I got this product a little over a week ago. I used it on my new half sleeve tattoo and I absolutely love it!! It's so soothing on my sensitive skin and no other non-scented lotions and moisturizers come close. I'm needing more and it's torture not having this product! I have 4 sessions and will be using this constantly. I'm getting some shipped out tomorrow and can't wait. This has helped moisturize and heal my new tattoo so well and fast that I can't believe more people don't use it! Other moisturizers with no scent and "natural" cause a burning sensation and hurt. They also dry up so fast. This stuff coats my new tattoo and keeps it moisturized for hours. I really like having it on before I put on long sleeve shirts as when it's peeling I feel half reptile. With this tattoo potion It makes my peeling a lot smoother and I don't notice it as much under my clothes. I'm telling my tattoo'd friends and tattoo artists. This stuff is a miracle!! Thanks so much for your dedication to make a product that is organic and safe!!

You now have a lifetime customer!!!
- Chantelle Rose Vancouver, Canada

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