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16 Aug

Breen Johnson #1940 Green Lantern

Pisces are sensitive, instinctual, and connected to the feet. Born March 10, 1987, Breen Johnson, or Green lantern #1940 on the OSRA's Raggedy Rollers brings her Pisces energy to life on and off the rink.

Looking for a sport that matched her personality: fun and complex, she joined the hard-working moms and businesswomen of the Raggedy Rollers last year. There she found more than a team, she found family. "I love each person on the team for different and unique reasons," she said. "They challenge you, they love you and they trust you. There is no better sport. Not only do you get to knock girls over, skate your ass off and become a better skater you get a whole pile of amazing friends to boot."

Breen-Johnson-1940-Green-Lantern-2Their formula has worked: The Raggedy Rollers were chosen among the top eight teams in Western Canada in the Best of the West tournament in Nelson. The Raggedy Rollers came in ranked 7th and left in 5th. Green lantern has never been prouder. "I had never played in a tournament before and the girls rocked it," she said. "We decided to camp, and had team breakfasts, lunches and more healthy snacks than I can count. It was a great bonding experience for the team and really goes to show how well we all get along!"
Her sense of loyalty extends even to her choice of tattoos and artists. She has 10 tattoos: one on her finger, left arm, upper right back, two on her stomach, one on her lower back, one on her right upper leg and one on her foot, each representing a memory or serving as a memorial. Most of these tattoos were done by Gas Pedals Tattoo Shop's Brian Joubert, currently of Kelowna. Of him, she says, "Once you find talent and the skills Brian has, not to mention a wicked personality, you stay with your artist!"

She has high hopes for roller derby's future, and looks forward to seeing the Junior Program hit the Okanagan, saying, "It’s a non contact version of our game, but I am excited to see kids enjoying and partaking in a sport I am very passionate about."

If pressed to give her motto in a sentence, she would choose, “Never give up” and “To sacrifice anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” She doesn't just say these words, she lives them.

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