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08 Jun

Serene Crawford - #9 Killer Bee Kini

Serene Crawford has always had a love for sports, playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer for many years before something a little less traditional caught her eye. Crawford, also known as roller girl Killer Bee Kini, had to give up soccer after suffering a hip injury during a volleyball game. At first she was heartbroken, because sports were such a huge part of her life, but she soon discovered roller derby, and felt it was a challenge she could thrive on.

Crawford has been playing for a little over two years now, serving as a Jammer/Pivot, and a Blocker as needed for the Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association’s Raggedy Rollers.

She is very enthusiastic about her love for her team, and for the Raggedy Rollers’ sister teams, the Shit Show Rodeo and the Derby Dolls. “We have so much fun together and are always there to support one another,” she says about her teammates.

As number 9 for the Raggedy Rollers, Crawford says her most memorable moment with the team so far was being featured on TSN sports during the Kraft 10 in 10 Celebration Tour.

Crawford would love to see roller derby expand its reach; in fact, she says it would be “pretty bad ass if it could get taken to the level that UFC is at now.” She also thinks a reality TV show would help the sport increase its popularity and visibility.

A Sagittarius born on December 7, Crawford says she doesn’t currently have any tattoos, but she’s planning to get one after Westerns, a roller derby tournament that will be held in Nelson, June 15-17. Those plans coincide with Crawford’s motto for life: “You only have one life-- live the shit out of it.”

You can catch Killer Bee Kini and the rest of the Raggedy Rollers at Westerns. She guarantees it will be hard core and a lot of fun. After Westerns, the Raggedy Rollers’ next away game will be against the Reign Valley Vixens in Abbotsford on July 21. Their next home game at the Hassen in Anderson will be October 20 versus the Kootenay Canibelles.

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