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28 Feb

Trista Fabi #14 Jane Sparrow

Trista Fabi, a.k.a. Jane Sparrow, is going into her third season with OSRDA’s Raggedy Rollers traveling A-team. Born on May 22, 1974, Jane’s Gemini traits of versatility and adaptability shine through, as she currently plays a blocker but hopes to soon be able to switch out as a jammer when needed.

Jane-Sparrow-01Jane says she joined roller derby because she used to love roller skating and also because she was attracted to a sport where she could be aggressive. She says, “There are not many sports where woman can be aggressive towards one another in a sportsmanlike way. I also liked the fact that most of the women were a lot like me: little bit black sheep crossed with a bit of misfit.”

When speaking of her team, Jane says, “I love my league I am in. OSRDA is a group of really great women. We are so different bringing all kinds of ideas, attitudes and lifestyles to the sport. The team I play on is like my extended family. I would do anything for them—anything legal that is! I feel like they would do the same for me. We practice hard together and really challenge one another to push as hard as we can.”

Her first game of the season was on October 20th 2012 in Armstrong BC at the Hassen Arena. After that, her league is hosting a November boot camp. From then on, they will have roughly one game every month, either home or away.

Jane’s most memorable moment with her team was when they went to the Western Championships in Nelson BC. When describing the bout she says, “We all played really hard and it showed as we moved up two places that weekend, coming home in 5th place.” Jane also notes that “during practices there are so many memorable moments I couldn't list them all. But what I can say is that laughter is always a part of them.”

Jane-Sparrow-02When asked where she would like roller derby to progress to, Jane replies, “I would like to see the sport progress as far as it can. The more ladies that join and work hard to get the sport noticed the bigger and better it will be. It is already all around the world. Any woman that says to me, 'I couldn't do that,' I say, 'Yes you can, and you will love it!'”

Jane says she has 10 tattoos with plenty more to come. When asked about her favourite artist, Jane was not able to provide one. She says, “I am a spur of the moment kind of gal so once I think 'I need a new tattoo', I will start looking at artists work and chose one that appeals to me at that time.”

Once again, her Gemini tendencies of adventure show through when asked what her life motto is. Her reply is a simple quote from Hunter S. Thompson: “Buy the ticket, take the ride".

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