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19 Dec

Hurricane Hannah - Hannah Rail

Hannah Rail, or Hurricane Hannah as she's known on the track, is every bit a force of nature as her roller derby name might suggest. Playing jammer killer and jammer helper, Hurricane Hannah has been skating up a storm for the Raggedy Rollers for two and a half years.

Born May 30, 1985, this Gemini's twin nature found two main attractions in roller derby: cheap beer and exercise. Hurricane Hannah also says her Gemini origin gives her a "rounded role in the game of roller derby": she can be a merciless competitor on the track and then, after the game is over, let loose and enjoy herself with her opponents.

Hurricane Hannah is extensively tattooed, especially by her good friend, the talented artist Nick Matovich, who recently relocated from Vancouver to Vernon. She is especially proud of her latest tattoo, an octopus whose head and body are located in her armpit with tentacles spreading down the inside of her arm to her upper sleeve area.

She's proud of how the Rollers have gone from being ranked 7th in Western Canada to 5th, despite being looked down on by other teams. Hurricane Hannah's favorite opponent is the Rollers' nearby rival Kootenay Kannibelles, and she says it's always an exciting time when the two teams clash. With her fellow roller derby athletes, Hurricane Hannah is dedicated to promoting and expanding roller derby throughout the world, saying that the sport has come too far to turn back now.

Hurricane Hannah does have her intellectual side: one of her favorite sayings is "Learning is on a everyday basis, if you haven’t learned anything new today, you are doing something wrong." On the other hand, she wouldn't be a Gemini if she didn't have an alternate nature, and she also loves to say, "Ain't no party like a no pants party!"

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