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02 Aug

4,000 kilometres and back

Potion Tattoo Aftercare Inc is thrilled to be a part of Danielle Kraft and Anthony Rossi’s adventure 4,000 kilometres and back!

The frost was just hitting the ground last October in Quebec when Danielle Kraft and Anthony Rossi had thoughts of the hot summer sun and a road trip. The question of where? , quickly answered as Danielle being a US citizen, decided on a cross border road trip from Quebec to California. No specific event in mind until the idea was born, “along the way in each state we will have the tattoo artist, tattoo what they're state meant to us”.

Read more on 4,000 km & back http://www.xaltmagazine.ca/index.php/component/content/article/18-news/66

As Danielle and Anthony take this trip they will be share the moments along the way with Xalt magazine and the readers. Potion tattoo aftercare Inc. will follow up with the adventures with new pictures of their ink and bits of things that happen along the way.



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