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10 Jul

How Xalt Magazine became what it is today

Xalt Magazine began more than 14 years ago in Stayner, Ontario Big City when founder and editor April Cross had the dream of becoming the head of magazine that promoted the gifted yet sometimes under-appreciated artists of Canada.

Today, Xalt Magazine does just that -- bringing in-depth features, creative articles, and beautiful photographs that tell the stories of Canadian artists across the country. The magazine is distributed across Canada, in more than 1,000 locations.

Cross says that she has wanted to put a "spotlight on Canada’s unique talent" while "striving to exalt art forms often considered to be fringe."

This mission to promote art on the fringe is apparent in the very name of the magazine. "Exalt" means to hold someone or something in high regard and to speak highly of these things an people. In every issue of Xalt Magazine, the goal is to speak highly of the artists and to let their art forms have a form to speak on their own. We hope our readers will see the value and beauty of their creations, and exalt those forms in their reflections, conversations, and interactions with others.

april-crossCross considers herself a reflection of the fringe art magazine, just as she hopes readers will see themselves as a reflections: Cross and her readers are unique, creative, and artists with voices that need to be heard in the art world. For example, tattoo artists are featured in the magazine, and Cross sees tattoos as a unique and beautiful form of fringe art. To this end, Cross has a full sleeve tattoo representing herself and her two sons -- two koi, three lotus blooms, and a beautiful cherry tree.

One way that Cross and Xalt Magazine promote the importance of fringe art is by endorsing the magazine at tattoo shows across the country. The magazine will stop next at Ottawa Valley Motorcycle and Tattoo Show from July 26-28. Stop by to say hello to staff and promoters and to see why Xalt Magazine has art that is both interesting and captivating for a wide variety of art readers.

If you are looking for an interesting read that promotes creative art by Canadian artists who are upcoming and relatively unknown, then pick up a copy of Xalt Magazine. Our magazine aims to be a a forum for art all across the country and an inspiration to readers with every turn of the page.

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